Disclaimer: This post is a little bit rambly and mostly to overcome my reluctance to write and put my thoughts out there.

I’ve always had the urge to create something as far as I can think back. Usually, I have a project in the back of my mind which I’m working on otherwise I feel without a purpose. If I look back on recent projects I think there is an underlying theme emerging which I could summarize as how to make the power of computing more accessible to everyone.

So far most of the projects I’ve done happened in isolation. I didn’t do much research before to see what other people have tried before me. Part of that is insecurity, I almost don’t want to find similar projects because that means I’m not the first person coming up with this particular idea. But that’s naive because coming up with a truly unique idea is very unlikely. Another thought is that I don’t want to waste my time reading, I’d rather start building already. That’s of course also a wrong idea because you can save the most time if you can take a shortcut by avoiding mistakes people have made before and building on top of existing things instead of starting from scratch. If I look at projects of other people I also realize that the most valuable thing about a project is to read about the origin and what the people who build them learned from it. This is especially true for experimental projects which explore new ideas. It’s kind of ironic that that’s a second thing I’m reluctant to do: write about and document the projects I’m working on.

Here is how my projects usually go:

  1. start with an ambitious goal which is oftentimes a little bit ambiguous
  2. dig immediately into code
  3. build more feature
  4. build just one more missing feature, then everything hopefully fit together
  5. run out of steam or time
  6. just put everything together and be a little bit dissatisfied with the result

I haven’t really said much about what I’m working on at the moment. The point of this blog post to take a step back and reflect. The next blog post will be an outline what my project is about and what my goals are. Overall my goal with the blog is to document my progress and reflect on work.